Hello and welcome

Hello and thank you for coming on over.

I had a really long and hard think about what I wanted my first post to be about and I was stumped! So I though I’d keep this one pretty basic and talk about what are my hopes for the blog are.

Excuse me nurse was something I dreamt up on my first qualified job. They say you never really know what it’s like until they hand you the keys to the trolley and off you go 8 LIVES IN YOUR HANDS!! Walking into a bay with an onslaught of…. Excuse me nurse.

TALKING has always been my thing… I’m a chatty patty type you know the ones, endless stories, a plethora of advice. Finally, I have created a space to do so, thus freeing up NHS staff to do less talking more working… forgot we already do that.

This space for me is to share with you the things I love… nursing, food, travel, just helpful hints and tips. those golden nuggets that get you through life.

I kind of fell into nursing. Originally midwifery was the only thing I ever wanted to do then in 2014 28th of July. Half way through my long day I saw the TICK and was handed the keys. Sounds dramatic right, it happened like that. NB *disclaimer* I was supervised on my first qualified drug round. Don’t panic guys.

18 months in Major trauma, Leeds and the past 1 in Emergency Gynaecology bringing us to the present day. You’re probably thinking what makes me qualified to give advice on a job that I’ve only been in under 3 years and a life that has been lived for 26. EXPERIENCE, trust me when I saw there’s Plenty.

My vision is for this blog to be informative with nursing topics, hits and tips. To fill your bellies with the tastiest food and encourage you to travel the world. Whilst trying to keep it as lighthearted as possible


I hope you enjoy…. And tell a friend to tell a friend

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