My flaky friend the nurse

There is no way I can start a post without a little reflection. Unfortunately over week ago we were met with the devastating news that the place many of us love and call home became the seen of a terror attack. My thoughts and prayers go out to the loved ones of those 22 now angels and those of the survivors. I can’t let this time pass without saying the sincerest and heart felt thank you to ALL the emergency services. This is often a thankless job and from the bottom of my heart as member of the public as well as a fellow nurse. I am in awe of your selflessness to leave your families to attend, to work well above the call of duty and for your compassion and bravery I salute you. One thing I have learnt is that this place I now have the pleasure of calling home has stood so firmly together and the people have shown what community spirit really is. For many parts of the world this is a scary everyday reality and my heart goes out to those innocent people. United we stand


So, on a lighter noted, you came here for that title. I know you’re thinking I’m about to call out one of my friends, when in fact I’m calling out all of us as nurses. We are all 100% guilty of this, sometimes intentionally other times it’s just an occupational hazard.

Who better than a nurse to break down the flakiness of a nurse, hilarious I know but I have that unique experience of speaking from both perceptive.

Having most my friends being nurses it is easy for me to fall into the habit of thinking ALL my friends will instantly know (new or old) that unless;

  •  you give me 6-8 weeks warning of these plans its less likely to happen. (yes 6 weeks my manager is shit hot at getting that off duty out on time… I know how fabulous for planning) But totally shit when you have the memory of a gold fish and always forget to request… que flaky friend
  •  your down for those last minute impromptu nights out/in. day breaks, city breaks or other. Then reality kicks in I’m a nurse. Obviously I didn’t get into this for the money. Like …..durrr and then there’s those other occupational hazards. Coming into work hanging out your arse. TOTALLY inappropriate. Not like the days when I worked at tropical (favourite job to date) sat behind a counter served food ate food. Go out Friday night get in 6am sleep 4 hours be in working hanging by 11am sobering up with a nice meal by 12pm LIFE WAS LIVED oh so well
  • you dot have priorities, also no life. We can constantly do things, but yeah right, it’s the real world. AGAIN durrrrrrrr (totally having a Kevin and Perry moment today) we have partners (I don’t I’m single and ready to mingle ?) or children or just saving. There will be something and I’m sure it will get in your way.

But the biggest obstacle we face is emotions, I think sometimes as nurses and as friends of nurses we can sometimes forget that this is an emotionally exhausting job. What I’m not trying to do by saying this is play down anyone else’s role. Like I said I’m a nurse and a friend of nurses and I’m simply giving you how I see shit!! There are days when you need a friend and ear a confidant someone you can just spill to. Not always about work sometimes just about life because yes that right we have them LIVES beyond the walls of hospitals, homes, surgery’s we have them. And by entering our lives you become such a significant part of that.

Now I’m going to get to the crux of it, when we say a flaky friend we always think of a person that constantly negates on plans, turns up late, changes plans last minute. Bails early.

If you care to give me more of your time then I’ll explain a few things. Maybe give you some more laughs.. I hope. 37 ½ hours is spent by healthcare professionals looking after someone else. Taking care of their needs holistically<< can you see I’m getting ready to go back to university… patient centred care and all that jazz ? but really if after working 14hrs I cancel it has NOT ONE SINGLE THING to do with our friendship. It’s just as simple a fact of I don’t want to talk I don’t want to do anything I just want to be. I know there are people out there who don’t work in health care and will understand this. Call it selfish by all means because it 100 % is.

I think we just need to be honest with each other and ourselves, cancel but reschedule. Miss occasions but make the effort to create a memory that makes up for it. Let your friends and family know I am a nurse and occasionally I can be flaky. OWN IT!!

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